4. 5. 2020

Mowing is beneficial for black grouse

Another of our main project aims is being fulfilled Every year, thanks to our LIFE project, we are able to mow around 8,6 hectares of wet […]
22. 4. 2020

New notebooks about wetlands are out!

Finally we would like to present one of the first didactic materials, issued within our educational programme about mires! The new notebooks are dedicated to mires, […]
11. 4. 2020

Early spring on Hamerská slať

Welcome to our picture report and have a look on how one of the project sites looks in spring!
31. 3. 2020

We are planning the new wetlands educational programme

This year, a brand new educational programme for school children will be prepared and instructed by the LIFE for MIRES project team. It will focus on […]
20. 3. 2020

Follow us on Twitter!

Are you interested in restoration news from the Bohemian Forest? Follow our Czech-English mire account where we share everything about revitalising the water regime in Šumava […]
28. 2. 2020

Plans for restoration of Malý Bor

Restoration of the project site Malý Bor will slow down the water runoff from the spring areas The restoration works in the region of Hartmanice will […]
22. 2. 2020

Videoreport – Mire restoration in Baltic states

In September 2019, we visited two affiliated LIFE teams, engaged in mire restoration in Latvia and Estonia. There were lots of topics to be discussed and […]
2. 2. 2020

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day It scarcely rains on a dry field! – that is what farmers used to say in the past, in those times when water […]
6. 1. 2020

Progress of implementation during autumn

State of the project at the end of 2019 The last couple of months of the project were transitory – from the preparation of documentation to […]
28. 11. 2019

LIFE teams networking – our first study trip

Study trip to Latvia and Estonia One of the positive aspects of the LIFE projects is the networking, building up a cooperation between affiliated LIFE teams. […]