11. 1. 2021

2020 restoration season overview

Looking back to 2020 – a basic overview The year 2020 was non-standard in many aspects. Fortunately, the implementation of restoration measures in the field was […]
23. 11. 2020

Little mouse, big tasks

Perfectly adapted to mire: Zoological rarity falls into the (photo) trap on the Bavarian LIFE for MIRES project sites With only three known occurrences (in Schleswig-Holstein, […]
21. 10. 2020

People for mires events with record attendance

Volunteer year 2020 was very fruitful Volunteering is an important part of our restoration measures. It goes without saying that the largest volume of work on […]
20. 9. 2020

Vegetation Survey is conducted in Bavarian Forest National Park

There are 6 project sites in Bavarian Forest National Park that were already restored during the last years or also in longer past like Großer Filz […]
15. 9. 2020

International Summer school Soil & Water

We presented the restoration measures to students of environmental programmes The second weekend of September was dedicated to a meeting with students of the University of […]
25. 8. 2020

Meeting the locals of Stožec

By the end of 2024, we plan to restore forest and meadow wetlands and peat bogs in six sites in the vicinity of Stožec village. It […]
10. 8. 2020

42 volunteers helped with restorations

This year’s first Days for mires were successful! In mid-July, a volunteer day took place in Nová Hůrka, which we organized in cooperation with the Environmental […]
3. 8. 2020

Transboundary Day for Mires with volunteers

Day for Mires at the Czech-German border Date: 30th August 2020, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm Gayerruck is one of the rarest mountain raised bogs which […]
9. 7. 2020

Pre-restoration peat samples have been collected

How will the peat at restoration sites change? Our colleagues from the Department of Ecosystem Biology (project partner – University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, […]
25. 6. 2020

Networking with the state forest enterprise

The beggining of cooperation Last week we were visited by employees of the state enterprise Vojenské lesy a statky, who are planning to implement the LIFE […]