People for mires events with record attendance

Vegetation Survey is conducted in Bavarian Forest National Park
20. 9. 2020
Little mouse, big tasks
23. 11. 2020

Volunteer year 2020 was very fruitful

Volunteering is an important part of our restoration measures. It goes without saying that the largest volume of work on the restored sites is handled by a specialized company. However, the people who take part in the Days for Mires help us to restore more rapidly and gently especially in places that are hardly accessible or completely inaccessible for light machinery.

This year, during volunteer events, we most often transferred material for the construction of wooden dams to inaccessible and waterlogged sites, where machinery cannot transport it. We placed wetland vegetation into the filled and rewetted drainage ditches in order to support faster overgrowing. Last but not least, we and the volunteers made many terrain adjustments, such as changing previously inappropriately regulated streams, modifying small capillary streams flowing from springs, or constructing wooden dams in inaccessible places.

In short, these are mostly jobs that would take restoration companies a lot of valuable time. Thanks to the help of volunteers, they can continue faster and we manage to adhere to the plan, which is about 10 restored sites per year! That is why we are very happy that this year, despite the unfavorable epidemiological conditions, the total attendance was even higher than last year, with a total of 240 volunteers!

We would like to thank every single participant and invite everyone to join us next year.

See some photographs from the voluntary events and mire excursions: