Transboundary Day for Mires with volunteers
3. 8. 2020
Meeting the locals of Stožec
25. 8. 2020

This year’s first Days for mires were successful!

In mid-July, a volunteer day took place in Nová Hůrka, which we organized in cooperation with the Environmental Center in Železná Ruda. 17 volunteers took part, who helped us fill in the drainage channel. By building a small dam, they also directed the water from the canal to the original stream, where the water was missing and, as a result, it was overgrowing. It now flows in its natural path again.

This week we hosted participants in the educational program for coordinators of environmental education in schools, organized by colleagues from LIPKA. Two groups of enthusiastic teachers helped us with the preparation and tying of branch fascines, which we use to fill blocked drainage ditches to overgrow with wetland vegetation faster. Over a half of the participants got involved in restoration measures by carrying material for the construction of wooden dams.

During the excursions, we went through the most beautiful mires of Šumava and discussed their importance for the landscape and the water cycle in it.

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