Would you like to engage in the preservation of the Šumava peat bogs, while enjoying a trip to unspoiled natural surroundings?

Would you like to learn more about the Šumava landscape, its water regime, or about the role of mires in the mitigation of the consequences of climatic change?

The project “LIFE for MIRES” is open to both visitors and inhabitants of the Šumava National Park, and the “People for Mires” events are a significant part of it. We plan to organise not less than fifty Days for Mires by the year 2024.

We organise six single-day events and two weekend events during each summer season, during which volunteers work with us until noon, re-watering the threatened peat bogs. These interventions should increase the groundwater level, stop degradation of the rare site, and restart the peat-forming process. Works are site-specific. In some, it is necessary to repair and adjust former revitalisation steps, while in others, peat dams in the drainage channels will have to be newly established. All works are carried out manually, using shovels, pick-axes, buckets, and wheelbarrows.

Afternoons will be dedicated to trips to places where the water regime in the landscape has not been adversely affected. In these sites, we will talk about the correct function of the landscape hydrology and study how ingeniously nature designed and created this system. The development has lasted for millions of years, and so it is obvious that insensitive interventions during landscape drainage give rise to revolutionary, yet unfavourable changes to which we intend to put a halt.

Would you like to spend a day in the Šumava peat bogs, learning more about water in the landscape?

Contact our PR coordinator who can help you to organize an event for your group or tell you more about the way you can help us with restorations!

Lukas Linhart – 00420 731 530 319, lukas.linhart@npsumava.cz