The gallery of restored streams in Šumava Mts.

2020 restoration season overview
11. 1. 2021
World Wetlands Day
2. 2. 2021

During 2020, thanks to the LIFE project, we managed to restore 5 kilometers of streams and many other spring capillars, which returned from deep drainage canals to their original meandering routes. Modified watercourses, which are led into a straightened ditch, cannot consume their energy other than by washing the bottom, i.e. by deep erosion. The furrows are deepening, which constantly worsens the problem of drainage of the landscape and, in addition, there is an excessive loss of sediments. In shallow and winding streams, on the other hand, so-called lateral (bank) erosion takes place. The route of the stream changes over time, the meanders expand, rupture, the sediments settle quickly and the stream remains at the surface. Thanks to this, it leaves a colorful mosaic of wetlands in its surroundings. From time to time, it may spill into the floodplain during heavier rainfall and the outflow of water from the area will be significantly slowed down. Otherwise, when the alluvial network of the landscape consists of straight riverbeds with a large flow capacity, floods are much more often formed and human settlements are at risk.

Meandring streams with the natural shape of the riverbed suit a number of animals. Deep banks are popularly used by young trout as a shelter from predators. Immediately after or during the restoration, new wetland habitats are discovered by various dragonflies or bird species such as the common kingfisher and the common snipe. Thus, the restoration of streams brings not only positives for the water regime of the landscape, but also a new home for rare species.

Malý Bor project site – restored spring in the right bottom, the meandring stream is twice crossing the former drainage ditch. Another complex of springs was restored in the birch forest above.

Pod Skelnou project site – springs were drained by these wide and deep ditches. We blocked and effaced them while water was brought up to the surface into newly formed meandring streams.

See a gallery of restored streams which gained their natural shapes and diresctions due to restoration: