News from Bavaria

5. 12. 2023

Workshop: Restoration of wetlands, rivers and springs in protected areas and productive forests

On 28 November 2023, we hosted a transboundary, bilingual workshop focusing on the topic of “Restoration of wetlands, rivers and springs in protected areas and production […]
7. 9. 2023

Pioneer for more peatland protection on EU-level visits LIFE for MIRES

22.08.2023: Jutta Paulus, member of the European Parliament and pioneer for more mire protection on EU level, visited several LIFE for MIRES-project sites during her summer […]
27. 9. 2022

A helping hand for the Kleine Au mire

Volunteers from all over Bavaria participated in two action days in the National Park Bavarian Forest This summer, a dozens of volunteers helped to counteract the […]
8. 7. 2022

LIFE for MIRES: Guided transboundary hikes

As part of the LIFE for MIRES project, BUND Bayern (BN) is offering two cross-border guided walks with wildlife biologist and landscape expert Karel Kleijn on […]
26. 10. 2021

Natura2000 relay race made a stop in Haidmühle

“Woidboyz” visit LIFE for MIRES project areas along the Green Belt On 9.10.2021 the 4th stage of the Natura2000 relay run from Frauenberg through Haidmühle to […]
2. 8. 2021

Rare species found on LIFE for MIRES project area

Green Belt Czech Republic-Bavaria: Trans-boundary ecological network for the raised bog large ground beetle The raised bog large ground beetle (Carabus menetriesi pacholei) is a so-called […]
23. 11. 2020

Little mouse, big tasks

Perfectly adapted to mire: Zoological rarity falls into the (photo) trap on the Bavarian LIFE for MIRES project sites With only three known occurrences (in Schleswig-Holstein, […]
20. 9. 2020

Vegetation Survey is conducted in Bavarian Forest National Park

There are 6 project sites in Bavarian Forest National Park that were already restored during the last years or also in longer past like Großer Filz […]
3. 8. 2020

Transboundary Day for Mires with volunteers

Day for Mires at the Czech-German border Date: 30th August 2020, 9.00 am – 6.00 pm Gayerruck is one of the rarest mountain raised bogs which […]
28. 5. 2020

Visit the natural pearls of Freyung-Grafenau district

New LIFE for MIRES excursion programme 2020 for Haidmühle and Philippsreut This year again, excursions with Karel Kleijn, LIFE for MIRES project staff of BUND Bavaria, […]