International Summer school Soil & Water

Meeting the locals of Stožec
25. 8. 2020
Vegetation Survey is conducted in Bavarian Forest National Park
20. 9. 2020

We presented the restoration measures to students of environmental programmes

The second weekend of September was dedicated to a meeting with students of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and the University of Ulm, who took part in the Summer school with the main goal of gaining knowledge about soil, water and plants. Emphasis is placed on the interactions of these components within different types of ecosystems. One of the stops was the LIFE for MIRES project.

On the first day, we involved the students in the restoration of the Nové Údolí project site, where the participants tried out manual work on the restoration of a forest stream.

On Sunday, an excursion focused on the types of peatlands, the dynamics of watercourses and monitoring the success of restoration measures.