Vegetation Survey is conducted in Bavarian Forest National Park

International Summer school Soil & Water
15. 9. 2020
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21. 10. 2020

There are 6 project sites in Bavarian Forest National Park that were already restored during the last years or also in longer past like Großer Filz at Riedlhütte (1994). We monitor the effect of renaturation on water balance of mires. There are continous measurements  of the water level and an annual vegetation survey being recorded. During the end of August and mid of September we record vegetation data. For each special vegetation type we sample 3 vegetation plots with 1x1m for open mire areas and 5x5m for forest mires. Thereby plant species of shrub layer, herb layer and moss layer are recored. Enhanced sphagnum growth and reduced shrubs indicate restoration success.

Photos: Vegetation survey in Großer Filz at Riedlhütte