Do you plan to spend your holiday in Šumava and would you like to experience a guided excursion to the Šumava wetlands, true gems of nature protection? Or do you live in Šumava and would like to know more about the mire restoration works carried out by the Administration of the Šumava National Park?

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One-day trips to secluded places in Šumava, where water rules the landscape, are offered twice a year during the LIFE for MIRES project. You can set out with us and visit locations where the water regime in the landscape has not been changed by man and works in the way nature intended it to. That is, correctly.

But there are places which have been intensively exploited by man in the past, thus changing the landscape. Water has been frequently drained and/or channelled, and now it turns out that water is hard to retain in the landscape without wetlands. This means considerable complications for man as well as for numerous rare species of flora and fauna. And that is the very reason behind the Šumava National Park’s “Mire Restoration Programme”, in place since 1999.

The second part of the field trip will show visitors the already restored wetlands, ones that we re-watered and have returned under nature’s command.

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