Pioneer for more peatland protection on EU-level visits LIFE for MIRES

The Minister of the Environment at our project sites
8. 6. 2023
Mire specialists from Wales in wetlands of Sumava Mts.
29. 9. 2023

22.08.2023: Jutta Paulus, member of the European Parliament and pioneer for more mire protection on EU level, visited several LIFE for MIRES-project sites during her summer tour. After the EU Commission just recently passed the EU Restoration Law, she wants to ensure that wetlands will be included as a target habitat in this law again. Peatlands in particular are a “huge lever” to stop species extinction and achieve climate goals, the Greens/EFA MEP stressed during her visit at the Green Belt.
The cross-border excursion was accompanied by representatives of the press and led to different project areas on Bavarian and Czech side.

Selection of online available news:

TV broadcast from TV Niederbayern (in German, 4 minutes):

Haibischl (local online news Haidmühle, German):

Passauer Neue Presse (German):

Skupinová fotografie s Juttou Paulus (uprostřed) u projektového informačního panelu na česko-bavorských hranicích Nové Údolí - Haidmühle. foto: Franz Kies

Group picture with MoEP Jutta Paulus (middle) at the LIFE for MIRES-bilingual information panel at border crossing Haidmühle – Nové Údolí; picture: Franz Kies