Documentary Water Lost and Returned out now!

Good news for the World Wetlands Day
2. 2. 2023
The Minister of the Environment at our project sites
8. 6. 2023
We are releasing a new documentary film about wetlands!

This year, the LIFE for MIRES project will enter its last season of works focused on the restoration of mires. We have already completed 150 kilometers of canceled drainage ditches and 25 kilometers of restored streams, in which, in addition to construction restoration companies, 1104 volunteers participated! We can already consider this as a good basis for the return of water to the landscape, the support of the natural water cycle and also of plants and animals bound to the wetland environment. Not only that, it is also a good basis for sharing these experiences. We have met many people who have contributed to this effort either with a thought or even with their hands. For the last two years of the project, we tried to capture these facts on camera, and thus process the story of the return of water in a documentary film called Water Lost and Returned (Voda ztracená a vrácená).

For this purpose, the documentary filmmaker Radek Plíhal and us went to events with volunteers, to the ongoing restoration work, we spent the spring season kneeling next to blooming wetland flowers, we hunted the atmosphere of the dawn around the Šumava rivers, where we also spent long hours filming wild animals. You will now be able to see all this in a film about how water enlivens the landscape and what role wetlands and the natural water network play in this.

We are organizing two consecutive premieres of the film for you in Vimperk and Sušice.

See some of the scenes: