Another season of excursions for professionals has started!

World Wetlands Day and new videos
2. 2. 2024

Excursions are an integral part of our project activity. The LIFE programme does not focus only on measures in the field leading to the improvement of the state of biotopes. We also make sure that the experience gained during the implementation of the project is passed on. Therefore, at the end of May, we welcomed our colleagues from the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Rep, who work in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Brdy. The restoration of forest springs is also taking place in the area of Military Forests and Estates state enterprise. Thanks to the ongoing LIFE Adapt Brdy project, several forest wetlands are already awaiting the blocking of the network of drainage ditches.

That is why we jointly visited the restoration measures of the Nové Údolí and Stožecká project sites, where we dealt with a similar case of drained springs and connected regulated streams. We discussed the various pitfalls of restoring the water regime in forest stands. The main goal was to share methods that were successful, as well as those that, on the contrary, did not work as expected. The excursion also included restored streams below the Stáženská project site.

See some photos from the meeting: