Thanks to our volunteers
5. 12. 2022
Documentary Water Lost and Returned out now!
20. 3. 2023

February 2nd, when we commemorate the signing of the Ramskar Convention on the Protection of Wetlands, is not only a symbolic day for us, but also an opportunity to publish achievements and plans from the world of wetlands on the territory of the Šumava National Park. So let’s take a look at what we have been working on lately in the LIFE for MIRES project.

Restored wetlands, numbers that please us

Last year, we reached over half of the set goal of 2,000 hectares of restored wetlands. After a challenging season, during which we restored another 550 hectares of previously dried wetlands and 8 km of streams, we reached a total of 1,250 hectares of area, on which we already blocked 150 km of drainage channels and returned 25 km of streams to their original routes.

A film about how water returns

During this year, which we as the Šumava National Park Administration dedicated to wetlands, a short film documentary was filmed. Its content is a poetic narration of water about its story connected with human activity. Water describes wetlands as an essential part of the entire cycle that nourishes the landscape. In the second part of the document, it describes the drainage times and the consequences of these interventions, the possibility of correction and the efforts of volunteers who go to the Šumava to help with the restoration of wetlands.

If you would like to come see the documentary in the cinema or wait for it to be published on online platforms, follow the project website and the social media pages of the national park. We will soon announce where the premiere will be held.

Volunteer events will continue

We are currently also preparing summer events for the public. We traditionally organize volunteer Days for mires and excursions, arrange events for schools and meetings with local residents. There will also be a meeting of the Ramsar Committee of the Czech Republic and a number of professional excursions for our colleagues wetland restoration professionals and other organizations with which we successfully cooperate.

Other wetlands await the return of water

As in the last three years, we will continue with field work this year. We plan to block the drainage systems and return wetlands as close to their original state as possible, for example, in the springs on Kepelský Zhůří, in the forest springs and bog forests under Lovčí skála near Filipova Hut, on Strázenská slatina, we are also going to solve several drainage channels on the edge of Mrtvy luh peat bog. At the moment, we are preparing all the elements needed to carry out the restoration and public contracts are underway, for which we are looking for supplier construction companies.