Conference on wetland restoration monitoring passed with success

Invitation to conference: Evaluating the success of wetland restoration
5. 10. 2023
Workshop: Restoration of wetlands, rivers and springs in protected areas and productive forests
5. 12. 2023

From 21st to 23rd November 2023, an international conference organized by the Department of Ecosystem Biology, University of South Bohemia and Šumava National Park Administration took place in Vodňany as part of the LIFE for MIRES project. The conference was entitled “Evaluation the success of wetlands and watercourses restoration” and its central theme was the sharing of experiences and results from realized restorations of various types of wetlands, monitoring and experiments implemented in these ecosystems. The conference was attended by approximately 60 participants, mainly from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia and Germany. At the conference, not only workers from universities and scientific institutions met and presented, but also a number of experts from nature protection authorities (NP, PLA, AOPK, BUND, VÚMOP, etc.). The two-day program with almost thirty contributions was supplemented by a full-day excursion to selected restored localities from the LIFE for MIRES project (Stráženská slať, Vlčí jámy, Dobrovodské louky and Stožecká, more at

For the organizing team: Zuzana Urbanová and Tomáš Picek

Conference programme

Book of abstracts


Some photos from the conference and excursion to LIFE for MIRES project sites: