We performed at the Day of Sumava National Park

LIFE for MIRES: Guided transboundary hikes
8. 7. 2022
A helping hand for the Kleine Au mire
27. 9. 2022

Last Saturday, the Life for Mires team (together with our partners fom the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice) participated at the Day of Šumava National Park. We introduced the Life for Mires project, its main goals and latest achievements. Zuzana Urbanová and Tomáš Picek from the Faculty of Science brought some peat samples, pristine but also affected by drainage, on which we could clearly demonstrate how the properties of peat change if there is a long-term drop in the groundwater level. They also presented several varieties of sphagnum mosses and different kinds of (peat) soils.

To attract the visitors, we have shown the river bed model. Thanks to the LIFE programme, we were able to provide 4 of them and they will be used by our Centres of Ecological Education to promote their educational programmes about water in the landscape. Water flows through the stainless steel table, which is filled with sand, and children (as well as adults) can model different types of river beds, observe erosion, sediment behavior and, last but not least, measure the flow rate.

During the day, we have encountered lots of visitors at our stand, received plenty of positive reactions, and the whole event was accompanied by the idea of ​​the Year of Wetlands 2022.