Wetland restoration conference took place in Kvilda

Results after two years of restoration works
2. 1. 2022
Streams from underground pipes back to surface
26. 5. 2022

60 professionals met at our conference

In recent days, we have focused mainly on the organization of a seminar on the restoration of the water regime of the landscape. We managed to successfully organize a meeting of experts from national parks, the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection, state forestry enterprises and designers who are professionally engaged in the restoration of various types of wetlands.

Sharing experience is extremely important in our field. Thanks to it, individual teams can avoid mistakes that are already experienced elsewhere. In fact, each type of wetland has its own specifics and even here the knowledge of all colleagues is very important for each of us. The seminar was divided into 4 blocks – Restoration of drained wetlands and peat bogs, Restoration of mined peat bogs, Restoration of springs and small streams and Restoration of the water regime in forests. In total, we listened to 18 lectures from practically all corners of Bohemia and even one contribution from the German side of the Ore Mountains.

You can read (Czech language) the annotation of the presentations HERE.

The two-day seminar also included excursions to 6 sites restored within the LIFE for MIRES project. You can see some photos in the gallery: