New notebooks about wetlands are out!
22. 4. 2020
Visit the natural pearls of Freyung-Grafenau district
28. 5. 2020
Another of our main project aims is being fulfilled

Every year, thanks to our LIFE project, we are able to mow around 8,6 hectares of wet and peaty meadows which are used as mating sites by the black grouse (Tetrao tetrix). And these measures have been successful since their first application! We were truly delighted to spot several individuals of this rare bird species at one of our project sites. Now, we are even more convinced that mowing is beneficial for the black grouse population which is endangered in the Šumava Mts. as well as in the whole Czech Republic. We made an effort to improve the black grouse habitat not only by mowing of meadows, but also by restoring peatlands, which are home to this iconic bird.


Mowed area ↓