We are planning the new wetlands educational programme

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20. 3. 2020
Early spring on Hamerská slať
11. 4. 2020

This year, a brand new educational programme for school children will be prepared and instructed by the LIFE for MIRES project team. It will focus on peatlands, waterlogged meadows, rive floodplains, bog forests and their restoration in Šumava Mts. The attending pupils will learn about the the role of wetlands in short water cycle, how they help to mitigate the climatic change and furthermore how they lower the risk of floods.

Our programme will be advertised in the List of Educational Programmes issued by the Administration of Šumava National Park.

Due to warm weather and lack of snow we were already able to start picking the right trail for the programme where all desirable features can be found. The first trail leads around Horská Kvilda, the second will be prepared in the vicinity of Stožec.