Videoreport – Mire restoration in Baltic states

World Wetlands Day
2. 2. 2020
Plans for restoration of Malý Bor
28. 2. 2020
In September 2019, we visited two affiliated LIFE teams, engaged in mire restoration in Latvia and Estonia.

There were lots of topics to be discussed and treated, like mutual presentation of restoration methods applied respectively and effective public communication. Moreover, we participated in several field trips to restored mires during our stay. With our colleagues, we made a tour in a Centre of Ecological Education in the Kemeri National Park or in a newly created educational trail, dedicated to mires at the lake of Tudu. We also had a chance to see a couple of remarkable natural phenomena.

Thanks to sharing experience and best practices with our Baltic colleagues, we acquired new restoration techniques that we´ll adapt to our montane environment and use in the project.